'Mental Torture' Boopathy Pandian out of Nayanthara's film

Boopathy Pandian was to direct a Tamil-Telugu bilingual, Jagan Mohan IPS, with Gopichand and Nayanthara in the lead.
While the project was launched with much fanfare earlier in the year, we hear that it didn’t see much progress and the director has now walked out of the project.

“The film remained in the discussion stage for a long time and the makers kept interfering with my script. They kept insisting on many changes, which they felt would suit Gopichand’s image,” says Boopathy, adding, “I soon began to lose confidence over my own script. These differences of opinion caused me tremendous mental torture. This was when I decided to opt out of the film.”

We now learn that Telugu director Sri Vaas is going to direct the Tollywood film, while the makers are now on the hunt for someone in Kollywood to helm the Tamil version.

“I’ve given them my script, they’re changing it. I am no longer associated with the project. I will announce a different project soon,” says Boopathy.


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