Mirattal pair Vinay & Sharmila are close in real!

Vinay & Sharmila
Actress Sharmila Mandre who made her Kollywood debut in Mirattal recently with Vinay seems to be flying high.

Both the actors are from Bangalore and it was a surprise that they were coming together for a film. According to Sharmila, she and Vinay have been friends for ages and she never knew that she’s be acting with him in Tamil. The actress is very confident about her acting skills and feels she can make a mark in Tamil films.

She underwent rehearsals for a month for this flick and had mugged up all the dialogues too. She feels the credit goes to Madhesh, the director. Talking about Vinay, she says she was thrilled to work with a friend as the comfort level with him was very high.


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