Name confusion, targeted wrong Arjun on wife harassment

Name confusion, targeted wrong Arjun on wife harassment 
After popular Kannada actor Darshan's marital discord was played up and celebrated by media channels for harassing his wife mentally and physically, another actor seems to have gone the Darshan-way.
Small time Kannada actor Arjun was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly harassing his wife since last couple of months.

The surprising factor is that most media channels mistook the arrested actor with another actor of the same name, Arjun Sarja who is pretty popular in filmdom. Most prominent media channels were seen reporting this story carrying the image of Arjun Sarja. Arjun Sarja is a formidable name in the film industry with his body of work spanning across Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam film industry. He was given the title of 'Action King' for the sort of roles he has displayed on the big screen.

On the arrest, the police has been quoted as saying, "Kannada film actor Arjun was arrested today for allegedly harassing his wife of 11 years, for the past several months. Arjun, 34, has two daughters with Latashri and was arrested on a complaint from her. "

It has been reported that Arjun had been harassing his wife for more dowry under the influence of alcohol. As per his wife Latashri's statement, she has been living with her parents for the past three months unable to bear her husband's torture. The tiff escalated when Arjun landed at the house of his in-laws in a drunken stupor and got into a fight with the security guard. Arjun verbally abused both the guard and his wife.

Local TV reports suggest that Arjuna and his wife Latashri, Who had a love marriage, were relatives. They also have a 3-year-old child. He was arrested by the police and was later produced before a local court and has been remanded to judicial custody.


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