No time for love says Lakshmi Rai [Interview]

There is nothing more fascinating than a woman of mystery. Lakshmi Rai is smiling and why? She is at peace and is quietly doing her work.

We caught up with the actress who is in Chennai for the audio launch of Thaandavam, in which she shares screen space with Anushka and Amy Jackson

On why she accepted the role in Thaandavam, she says: "I liked the script and my role in it. I can make an effort to be part of the right project but if something goes wrong with it, that's fine. Do your best and accept what follows, is my policy. I am a very secure person despite working in a highly competitive world".

On why she hasn't made too many friends in film industry, Lakshmi shoots: “Look, I'm here to do a job. After work, I have my own life I am not here to make friends. To be honest, I've met up with people whom I immensely respect. I've known all the girls in the industry and there are all very nice, though friendship takes time to develop".

Being surrounded by good-looking, powerful and dynamic men, surely love can't wait to knock on the doors? Lakshmi gives a naughty smile: "No.. I'm single and where is the time for love?


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