Santhanam's a day now is Rs 3 lakhs

He is one comedian who can make you laugh in every scene for his and filmmakers are cashing in on his popularity.
But if rumours are to be believed then Santhanam is flying high not just on-screen but even as being the only Tamil comedian who can now command a price and get it. Considering every director wants him to be a part of their project, it looks like they are willing to pay him what they consider a premium for his time and energy. And the rate he allegedly charges a day now is Rs 3 lakh.

Says one director, “Santhanam is not like any other comedian who just comes to the set says his lines. He asks for the script and goes through it well in advance. Then he comes up with improvisations and sends it back to the director for his approval. He is a thorough professional and is complete value for money. Thus, we don’t mind paying him his charges. He adds value to our film.”

Many other filmmakers agree with this opinion that he ensures he brings some value to the table. And considering he is a simple and humble human being, the industry seems to like him all the more!


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