Shriya Saran says she posed 'that' for fun

Shriya Saran is one woman who gets sexier by the day. She is mighty excited about going to Toronto for the premiere of Deepa Mehta's latest film Midnight's Children, release of her Telugu film Life is beautiful and the bilingual Chandra.

Jaws dropped, eyes popped and heartbeats stopped when the pictures of her photoshoot for a leading men’s magazine appeared in media.

While her detractors opine that Shriya was too bold, she smiles: "It was just fun. I knew the photographer very well and it's my second photo shoot for the mag. It was an aesthetically done shoot and I enjoyed doing it. I find it strange why it became an issue and media made a hue and cry about it"

She also clarifies that media reports that she did the glamourous shoot to get roles is baseless and she never spoke to anyone. Shriya adds: "Every single decision, I take I think about it atleast 10 times over".


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