Sivakarthikeyan quits Athu Ithu Ethu at Vijay TV

Sivakarthikeyan quits Athu Ithu Ethu at Vijay TV
No Siva in Aithu Ithu Ethu! The famous anchor Siva karthikeyan is leaving (In fact sivakarthikeyan quits) Vijay TV famous show Athu Ithu Ethu in order to pursue his carrier in movies.

Airtel Super Singer fame MAPAKA Anand (MA PA KA) has taken Sivakarthikeyan's position and he will be anchoring the upcoming shows.

The very first show was anchored by MAPAKA Anand was on August 4th 2012 and this will be the last and final show for Sivakarthikeyan. So Sivakarthikeyan is out from Athu Ithu Ethu.

Makapa was able to manage the first 2 rounds which are called Group la Dupe and Siricha Pochu but he was not prepared for the third round, Maathi Yosi in which the participants has to answer irrelevant to anchor's questions.

Sivakarthikeyan was also present in this final and last episode. Sivakarthikeyan came at second round and he started his farwell speech by thanking all the viewers, team about leaving Athu Ithu Ethu show.

Athu Ithu Ethu Sivakarthikeyan also made lot of fun with MAPAKA Anand in the final (last) episode along with participants.

He was wearing a black shirt and black jeans. Sivakarthikeyan exits Aithu Ithu Ethu at the second round along with the Siricha Pochu Vadivelu Balaji and others.

Sivakarthikeyan mentioned that the reason for quitting Athu Ithu Ethu show is purely because of his other commitments.

He did not mention the reason behind exiting the show but one can assume that why siva has left would be almost certainly for movies because he is already commited for the movie Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga with Vimal and Bindhu Madhavi.

Sivakarthikeyan has already done movies like Marina which was a big hit in the box office and this decision of exiting from Athu Ithu Ethu will be a good chance for him to make presence stronger in movies. So no more Sivakarthikeyan (Sivakarthikeyan not in) in Athu Ithu Ethu show of Vijay TV.

Although he will not be part of Athu Ithu Ethu, it is not clear yet that if he has left Vijay TV altogther because he used to appear for award shows like VIJAY TV AWARDS.


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