Thamanna says, Dhanush is a wonderful person

Thamanna says, Dhanush
Thamanna had paired with Dhanush in the film Vengai. After this, Thamanna became very busy in Telugu films. Dhanush also started acting with other heroines. After a long time, both of them have met recently.

Few days back Dhanush celebrated his birthday. Thamanna also participated in Dhanush’s birthday bash. Both of them were found talking for a long time. When asked Thamanna about this, she said, "When Dhanush celebrated his birthday I was in Chennai. Hence I had attended the party.

We became very close friends during the shooting of Vengai. Dhanush is a wonderful person. I could not resist so I attended his birthday party. We both spoke about lots of things, I cannot reveal about the other details of the party."


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