Thiruthani - Music Review

Thiruthani - Music Review
Starring: Bharath, Sunaina, Rajkiran, Pandiarajan
Direction: Perarasu
Music: Perarasu
Production: C.Bhaskar And J.Saravanan
Vocals: Karthik, Saindhavi, Tippu, Unni Menon, Chinmayi, T Rajendar, Anuradha Sriram, Krishnaveni Perarasu, Suchitra
Lyrics: Perarasu

Perarasu and Bharath are back on screen after a hiatus. They have promised an explosive action entertainer with Perarasu himself in charge of the music department as well. Sunaina is the female interest in Thiruthani. Now, an analysis of the music …

Nee Enakku Nee Enakku...
Singers: Karthik and Saindhavi

This is a melodic duet with an old-world feel. The orchestration is also dated. Inspite of two capable singers, the song doesn’t make an impact thanks to its total disconnect with the current trend.

Vaanavedikkai Vedida...
Singer: Tippu

Right from its start, we know what to expect. A run-of-the-mill kuthu number with the rustic vocals of Tippu. Supposedly it is the hero’s introduction song with references to Perarasu’s earlier movies in the lyrics. The hero also advises his audience about good virtues through this number. Nothing else to write about.

Adi Vaanaville...
Singers: Unni Menon and Chinmayi

This number has classical shades and is melodious for sure. Unni Menon’s vocals are as silky as ever; Chinmayi is the perfect foil to him. The flute and the slight mridangam, tavil touches are good. The tune isn’t entirely new, but the song passes muster due to its melody.

Yamma Yamma...
Singers: T Rajendar and Anuradha Sriram

Another song that goes on the expected path, right from the start. A typical kuthu number again with casual lyrics, energetic vocals and loud percussions!

Singers: Tippu and Krishnaveni Perarasu

Yet again the same template continues. Silly lyrics, heavy percussions and rustic singing! Forgettable.

Raja Raja Chola...
Singers: Suchitra

Perarasu has attempted to present a catchy duet with some style, but falls short here too. He has tried to infuse some rap portions and sexy saxophone bits, but to no avail.
Verdict: Perarasu’s attempts at turning a music director have met with forgettable results. Except one passable melody song, the rest are just not up to scratch. But these songs might make the rounds in village ‘thiruvizhas’ thanks to the bevy of ‘kuthu’ numbers.


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