Vinay Rai says Mirattal is a wholesome family entertainer [Interview]

After a small hibernation, Vinay Rai is back with a bang. His ambitious film Madhesh directed Mirattal is releasing on Aug 2, and in this conversation with us, the chocolate boy opens up about the movie and his career choices..
What’s your role in Mirattal?
I play a witty,enterprising urban boy who falls in love with a girl and uses his wit to get her against all odds (smiles).

How was it working with  Madhesh?
Simply superb. He is a very talented and experienced director. He knows what he wants and he gets it. Quite a stalwart in the Tamil Industry and it has been quite a privilege working with him.

Where all did u shoot for this film?
We started filming in UK at Eastborne near Brighton, Bath (the first film unit to ever shoot at this location), Oxsfordshire, Surrey, Richmond and Windsor…when we moved back to India we started filming in Chennai and Hyderabad.The most exciting location for me was to shoot at Sivaji sir's  house and experience the wonderful hospitality of Prabhu sir and his family.

Any action and comedy in Mirattal…?
Yes, lots of it…Mirattal is a wholesome family entertainer. Its got comedy, action, drama and a host of talented actors that I have been lucky to work with. I’ve got great hopes for this project.

Why are you choosy with films in Tamil?
I’ve made some poor choices in the past in regards to my film career in general. The lack of good scripts and projects that have stalled even before the start of filming have made me more careful in choosing a film. Since the Tamil film industry has and always will be my primary field of work, I choose my scripts very carefully. I consider myself very lucky that Mirattal landed on my lap with Madhesh as the director and I also hold Ramesh’s Irruvar Ullam and Ahmed’s Endrendrum Poonagai (currently filming) very close to my heart, as the script and the directors are exactly the kind I’m comfortably working with.

What are your future films?
I’m currently on Irruvar Ullam with Ramesh and Endrendrum Poonagai with Ahmed and I have great expectations for both films as the scripts are great and the directors are incredibly capable in executing them well. I also by the slightest of all possibilities will be working with Saran and Madhesh again, 2 directors who have come to become my favorite choice as I love their process of film making and who follow the same rule as I do..for the the love of the movies.


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