Aadhi's underwater shoot for 'Maranthein Mannithen'

Maranthein Manippen
Aadhi is one busy man these days. The actor is preparing for the final schedule of Lakshmi Manchu`s Maranthein Manippen, the shoot of which is set in Hyderabad. The film is a bi lingual and is called Gundello Godari in Telugu.

The actor is headed to the city of the Charminar after completing the dubbing for the film. Talking about the last schedule, Aadhi reveals, “We are going to be shooting completely underwater. As you know, the film is about a flood that happened in the 1980`s and a large part has already been shot in water. But this is the first time we will be shooting completely underwater, using underwater camera equipment, the cinematographer is Palani.”
Aadhi's underwater shoot for 'Maranthein Mannithen'
The shoot will take place in a large specially prepared glass tank, as big as a large room in which the lead pair, Aadhi and Taapasee will be shooting.
Aadhi's underwater shoot for 'Maranthein Mannithen'
Aadhi adds, “It requires special skills to stay under water for long and it`s going to be physically demanding as for several days we will be canning the crucial underwater scenes for the climax and some filler shots as well.”

After that the movie will be complete with only the CG work pending.


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