Actor Thilakan critical, admitted in pvt hospital

Actor Thilakan critical, admitted in pvt hospital
As actor Thilakan was in Kerala for movie shooting, he suffered sudden health setback.  Following the health setback, the movie crew admitted Thilakan in private hospital.

As his condition improved, he returned home. But, he was affected by Pneumonia.  Also, he suffered breathing problem.  Following the health setback, Thilagan’s son Shobi admitted him in private hospital in Trivandrum.  In spite of intensive treatment, Thilakan’s condition turned critical.

Following that, a group of doctors monitored his condition round the clock and he was attached to artificial respiratory system.  Following the treatment, Thilakan’s condition improved.  As consciousness was restored, he identified his relatives.  Following that, video of movies he acted was shown to him.  He relished watching those movies.

As Thilakan’s physical condition started improving, his health suddenly deteriorated.  As Thilakan suffered breathing problem, life-saving equipments were used and treatment was given.  But, since heartbeat was irregular, doctors are giving him intensive treatment.  As Thilakan’s condition is critical, doctors are struggling to save his life.


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