Update: Ameer quits coz of Thaandavam script issue

Ameer quits coz of Thaandavam script issue?
Ameer has resigned from the Secretary post that he held in the Directors Union. In his resignation letter, he stated that he is facing the heat in the plagiarism issue dealing with the Thaandavam script.

“I’m being censured on the Thaandavam issue. The union members, in the name of humiliating me, are actually causing disgrace to the union itself.”
“I can never be in this position that holds the suspicions of my co-workers”, stormed Ameer.
He also added that he is resigning from the position in order to save the union from further disgrace. His resignation letter has also been released in the media.

Also report claims,

Director Ameer is very much upset that some of the members of Directors Association have misused the letter head of association with out the knowledge of the office bearers for certain  recommendations to some people which had resulted in now giving an resignation from the post of President of directors association.

Are they both linked? Stay tuned for more updates from KollyInsider.


27 Sep 2012- 10:07 PM

Director Ameer has resigned from his post as secretary of the Tamil Nadu Directors’ Union. He has sent a copy of the letter to the media and has cited the issues related with Thaandavam as the reason. The film AL Vijay’s Thaandavam is embroiled in controversy over its script.

An assistant director Ponnuswamy had approached the Director’s Union over Thaandavam’s script. Later he went to the court and the court has now allowed the makers of the film to release it tomorrow. Ameer has cited that people and members of the union themselves have been accusing him over the script issue and he does not want to continue his posting as he considers it will not only an embarrassment for him but for the union itself.

In the meantime, director Vijay has sent across a letter to the media saying that he is upset over Ameer's resignation. In the letter he has stated that Ameer has tried his level best to come up with an amicable solution and he has persuaded Vijay to share the script of Thaandavam and even screen the film to find a solution the issue.

Once a consensus could not be reached, it was Ameer who persuaded both the sides to take it to the court. Now the court has cleared the road and it is disheartending to note that Ameer has quit. The director has requested Ameer to reconsider his decision


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