Dhanush gets tight slamp from Sonam Kapoor!

Dhanush gets tight slamp from Sonam Kapoor!
Fashionista Sonam Kapoor turned out to be a crowd puller as she along with debutante Dhanush, the very talented son-in-law of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, shot for their Hindi film Ranjhnaa in Varanasi. This image tweeted by Eros international shows Sonam slapping Dhanush, for the camera, of course.

Amid the hordes that had lined up to spend their day at the site, an effervescent Sonam could be seen alternately discussing her scenes with the director, talking to Dhanush and beseeching those hanging atop balconies of houses surrounding the shoot site to get away from the frame.

As the scene progressed, we heard Sonam mouthing the lines, "Kal thappad khake phir aana" to the tune of "Humka Issaq Hua Logon, Koi Humri Khabariya Lo," from "Coolie" playing in the background. In another scene, Sonam gave a tight one across Dhanush's face, mock of course, before director yelled "cut" and they packed up for the day.
Dhanush  Sonam Kapoor Ranjhnaa shooting

A visibly relaxed Aanand seemed happy with the first day of the shoot and was seen conferring with the cinematographer Natrajan and Krishika. "It was a satisfying day, we made good progress," was all he was willing to say. Talking about including sights like the pradarshan against Varanasi prashasan, Krishika said, "We wanted to put in the real picture and so all this..."

Sonam, Dhanush, Krishika and Aanad have been in the city for a few days before the shoot began, and in between getting ready to shoot the intense love story, Sonam and Krishika made time for some things Banarsi, especially a visit to the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Talking about it, Krishika said, "This is my first visit to Varanasi and of course I was very excited to be here. So, Kashi Vishwanath was a must, and Sonam and I went there on our own. In fact, I have been advised to have rudrabhishek puja as well for the success of the film and maybe I will organize one."

Dhanush, Sonam to play 17

Dhanush who is 29 in real life and Sonam Kapoor who is 26, would be playing 17-year olds in an important segment of Anand Kumar’s love story Raanjhanaa.

The earlier plan was to cast two teenagers as the younger versions of Sonam and Dhanush’s career.
But the hunt for the right face and body language proved futile.

Says a source, “Anand wanted to cast two younger actors who would be convincing as younger avatars of Dhanush and Sonam. But getting the same facial features and correct body language turned out to be daunting task. It was then that Dhanush and Sonam suggested they try to portray their younger versions themselves.”


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