G V Prakash’s lucky 'V'

Two letters from the English alphabet seem to be playing an important part in music composer G V Prakash’s life. His first two films in Hindi are with Anurag Kashyap and Akshay Kumar, who are both ‘AK’ when abbreviated.

When we recently asked him who he’d like to work with in the Hindi industry, GV named Aamir Khan without battling an eyelid. Another AK on the cards? In Kollywood though, it looks like ‘V’ is the letter to look at for the composer. His first flick was Veyyil with Vasantabalan, which gave him name and fame. He worked with directors Vijay and Vetri Maaran on big projects such as Deiva Thiirumagal and Aadukalam, films that gave him a lot of acclaim and fans!


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