It is not my come back, it is my first! - Sridevi

She ruled Indian cinema in the ’80s dominating not just the Tamil and Telugu film industries but Bollywood as well. And, now, Sridevi is back with Gauri Shinde’s film, after a long hiatus of 15 years. The diva, who was in the city recently to promote the film, spoke to Kollyinsider on her return to films, life as a homemaker and her association with Tamil cinema.

Getting back to films…
I never planned this. I was enjoying bringing up my children and wanted to be with them during every stage of their growth. But the last few months have been like a dream. I didn’t feel there was a gap of so many years. I was very comfortable doing this role because I’m a mother and a housewife in real life. I enjoyed playing the character. But I don’t think it is my comeback. I see this as my first film.

Life at home…
I have a very busy life at home. I get up at 6 o’clock, and get my children ready for school. I make sure I’m there at the doorstep to say goodbye to them when they leave home as they keep turning their face to see their mom standing by the door; I wave till the car goes out of sight. That joy is something I cherish. Then, I do my yoga and spend some time with my husband till he leaves for office. After that, I paint or take care of personal work. And once my kids return, I get busy with them again. But I don’t know how to cook, while my daughters and husband cook very well. They make lovely salads and pasta for me. Since I’m a vegetarian, I love eating typical south Indian dishes like thayir sadam, puliotharai and avial.

Filmmaking over the years…
Though technology has improved a lot and is helping technicians, the work of directors and actors remains the same. A director still has to narrate a story effectively to the audience and the actor should still perform from their heart. And, I’m still an actress who doesn’t believe in rehearsing. You can decide on things like costume and makeup beforehand, but the performance happens when the director calls a shot and it should come from your heart.

A daily diet of Tamil songs
I love Tamil film music. The moment I get up in the morning, I start playing Tamil songs on my portable music player. I like listening to melodies, both old and new. Though I don’t keep track of Tamil cinema, I often see Tamil channels.


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