Khushboo's Audi gift to Sundar C

"Surprises are my expression of love," says Khushboo who has gifted her husband, Sundar C., an Audi Q5. After so many years of married life, Khushboo still maintains the spark in the relationship in her own way. "Sundar means a lot to me," she says, "He is my love. I love to surprise him.

I have been planning to give him a gift for quite a long time. He loves cars and gadgets. So, I decided to go with the Audi. He was overwhelmed. He said that it was beyond his expectations." Sundar was apprehensive initally, as the car is an expnsive one. Khushboo said. "He was touched by my effort. It's not about the price, it's about making him happy. These little gestures like keep us going and help retain the spark in a relationship."

The actor is busy with her TV shoots and politics, but she manages to spend some quality time with her family.

Ask was there any special reason for the surprise, she says, "He deserves this gift for the success of Kalakalappu. My gift will motivate him to aim for bigger success in his upcoming films."

Kalakalappu was a breakthrough for Sundar after the film became one of the biggest hits this year. "As a producer of the film I didn't pay his remuneration. I am making up for it with the Audi," says the actress with a smile.

Has he ever surprised her? "No, not so far. If he gifts me something, there can be no bigger surprise than that itself," Khushboo laughs.

Sundar C., is currently working on MGR with Vishal, Varalakshmi and Anjali.


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