No 'Biriyani' for Power Star, Venkat Prabhu says!

No 'Biriyani' from Power Star Dr Srinivasan!
Power Star Dr Srinivasan through his publicity has become one of the sought after actors in Kollywood.

Any leading directors want to cast him in their film and the recent additions in the list were director Shankar and Bala.

The latest buzz in Kollywood is that Power star has been dropped from Venkat Prabhu's upcoming film 'Biriyani' with Karthi. Power Star was working on his own film 'Ananda Thollai' and 'Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya' with Santhanam.

Few days back Power Star was arrested on behalf of fraud and murder attempt case. After this incident most of the directors have taken a step back from the star. Venkat Prabhu had an idea of casting Power Star in a small role in his film, but now the director has turned the decision down due to the negative publicity of the star.


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