No thoughts about second marriage - Prabhu Deva

Two years back, Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva were deeply in love. They decided to get married. Because of this Prabhu Deva divorced his wife Ramlath. Nayanthara who was a Christian embraced Hinduism. She also quit acting.

When they were supposed to get married, difference of opinions arose between the two and parted ways. Nayanthara has now taken up acting once again. Prabhu Deva is now very busy directing Hindi films.

When asked Prabhu Deva that whether he will get married again, he said, "At present I have never given a thought of getting married again. I am fully busy in cinema. I don’t have time to plan for my second marriage. I don’t have time even to think about my personal life. I have lots of work in cinema.

I am fully concentrating on that. I am spending my time with my children when they are on vacation. I cannot say anything about directing a film which will have Salman Khan in the lead role. I know him for the past 15 years. We both are very affectionate. In Hindi, films are being produced by investing heavy money. Hence they are fully involved in their film works. Once the shooting of a film is commenced, they announce the release date. To work in Hindi films, I have settled in Mumbai in a rented house. I have not bought my own house in Mumbai."


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