Raghavendra Lawrence's super hit Kanchana in 3D

Raghavendra Lawrence's super hit Kanchana is set to be converted into 3-D format. The film directed by Lawrence featured him opposite Lakshmi Rai.
 Raghavendra Lawrence's super hit Kanchana in 3D
Our filmmakers are noticing the crowds that throng the cinemas to watch Hollywood 3D flicks and definitely the trend is growing. First it was director Shankar's Sivaji starring Rajinikanth that was refurbished with 3D technology and now we are hearing that one of last year’s surprise hits ‘Kanchana’ is soon to go 3D as well.

An eerie thriller loaded with comedy, the film was welcomed well by the audience, especially the children. Now, attempts are on to convert it in 3D, in both Tamil and Telugu.

According to reports, Telugu producer Bellamkonda Suresh is backing the project that involves converting the entire original footage into 3D format. The process is expected to take at least 6 months to complete. The 3D version will also have a brand new song with Raghava Lawerence and Lakshmi Rai


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