Sivaji Ganesan starrer ‘Thiruvilayadal’ next!
After the success of the restored and re-released Karnan , the 1964 Sivaji Ganesan-starrer directed by B. R. Panthulu, the others in the field are following suit.
Director A. P. Nagarajan’s Thiruvilayadal is being restored by his son Param. This 1966 blockbuster was followed by Thillana Mohanambal and Rajaraja Cholan , both being landmark films in the career of the actor and the director. “My father directed 16 films starring Sivaji Ganesan.

Since we have the creative rights for all the films directed by APN, we have, to start with, restored and digitised Thiruvilayadal . I recently showed snatches of the film to Sivaji’s son Ramkumar who said, ‘It was like watching a new film,’ and that it gave him goose bumps,” says Param.

“APN started his career as an actor and, after six films, moved to other areas of production, including direction. He directed many successful films till his death at the age of 49,” adds Param.


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