‘Subramaniapuram’ Swathi 'Ok' glamour roles

‘Subramaniapuram’ Swathi
Swathi donned the female lead role in the film Subramaniapuram. Later on she continued to act in Poraali. She is one of the leading actresses in Telugu film industry.
She has also acted in Malayalam films. Since Swathi has refused to don glamour roles in Tamil, she did not get any offers.

Other actresses donned glamour roles and clutched her roles. Now Swathi has changed her mind and has decided to don glamour roles. She while speaking about it said, " Glamour is a part of cinema, hence I have decided to act in glamorous roles. I did not switch over to glamour roles because there is competition among actresses. I am donning the female lead role in a Malayalam film titled Amen. Talks are going on with me to act in a Tamil film."


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