Telugu dubbed Tamil movies: AP small film makers unhappy!

Telugu dubbed Tamil movies: AP small film makers unhappy!
Dubbed films are causing serious problems for small filmmakers in Andhra Pradesh and director Gandhi Manohar is one of them.
He expressed unhappiness over the shortage of theatres for the release of his small-budget Telugu moive "Em Babu Laddu Kavala".

"Em Babu Laddu Kavala" released in select theatres Sep 21.

"My film hardly had any theatres left for release. Apparently all major theatres were bought by the distributor of a dubbed film, which also released on the same day," Manohar told IANS.

Bilingual film "Charulatha" was released with Manohar's film. Shot in Kannada and Tamil, its dubbed Telugu and Malayalam versions hit the screens the same day.

The director was saddened by the fact that his film didn't get proper theatres in the hub of the city.

"In Hyderabad, besides multiplexes, the dubbed film was running in three other theatres - Satyam, Sasikala and Vijetha, which are just a few kilometres away from each other. My film could've been released in one of the three theatres, but it was released far away from the city," said Manohar.

"Em Babu Laddu Kavala", which stars Sivaji, Aditi Agarwal and Rachana Maurya, was also released in Tirupathi, Chitoor, Yarlagadda, Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada -- though in fewer theatres.

"My film was made on a budget of Rs.90 lakh. If we don't have enough theatres to release the film, then how can we make profits," he added.



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