Vadivelu happy on Imsai Arasan shapping up!

Veteran comedian, Vadivelu, has been lying low for quite a while. Ever since the change of heads and parties with regard to politics, it hasn't been smooth sailing for the actor.
The ace comedian, Vadivelu has been maintaining a low profile since the change in the state government. He has only acted in two films after the fall of the previous government and both didn’t perform well at the box office. But the actor isn’t shattered. On the contrary, he manages to maintain a smile on his face.

In a recent interview, the actor has expressed that he isn’t sad about not having done many films in a long time. Vadivelu, like a philosopher, says “My humor is like wind that can reach people easily. Whenever people tune into a Tamil channel, my scenes are being telecasted. As if it isn’t enough, there are half a dozen channels exclusively dedicated for comedy. I’m sure people aren’t missing me, for I’m everywhere on TV.”

The actor is now working on the script of the sequel of Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi, along with director Simbudevan. He says, he is very happy with the way it is shaping up.


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