Vijay TV's Kaana Kaanum Kaalangal - with fresh new faces
Kaana Kaanum Kaalangal; a series on school life, which airs Monday - Thursday at 8pm gave the viewers an alternate viewing breaking the pattern of the melodrama; has created a phenomenon with a huge fan following among the youth and the elderly alike.
Set against a school drop this serial revolves around the adolescent lives of Bala (Shiva), Joe (Balaji), Pandi (Lingesh), Pachai (Madhu), Raghavi (Hemalatha), Vineet (Irfan), Krish (Hari), Sanghavi (Monisha), Unni (Iyappan), Rishi (Stalin), Sis Saraswathi (Preethi); split into two groups the rivalry between the 2 groups and the ensuing conflicts form the crux of the story.
While the youth can identify and relate to the characters on screen like Vineet, Raghavi, Bala, Pandi, Joe etc., and the elders on the other hand watch the show to reminiscence their school days and get to know their kids better.

Healthy competition, fights, jealousy, friendship is common to any student's life; these emotions have been beautifully portrayed in Prabhu Kanna's direction with casual & lively dialogues and gripping screenplay. The title track of KKK which is an household anthem now was composed by the renowned music director Vijay Anthony; which is also the mobile ringtone of many young fans. This show produced by Timeframes on behalf of Vijay TV; is the only show that has proven a hit with new faces as its cast. The audience of the show feel that this serial is like watching a blockbuster film on television.

Launched in October, 2006 the series completed its 100th episode in June, 2007 which was marked with a special episode as the kids traveled back in time to the days of Gurukul. As part of the 100th episode celebrations; a LIVE chat with the KKK team was organized on in which the die hard fans of the show got a chat to interact with them. The carnival organized in June 2007 was a huge success which witnessed more than thousands of eager fans flocking the grounds to catch a glimpse of their stars. The fans has the names of their favorite character painted on their faces and their joy knew no bounds when they met their KKK stars.

Now, that the current batch has been promoted to twelfth standard, the auditions for new faces was announced. Over 5000 eager applicants sent in their resume to be a part of this curriculum. The applicants were screened over three months and 225 were selected for the first level of auditions. Following this the Director of the serial, Prabhu Kanna along with Ravi Raja (Head of the Department of Directors', DFT) filtered only 11, based on the individual's acting skills and looks. Poornima, Vaishnavi, Haritha, Dinesh, Ravikumar, Sarath Chander, Ramesh, Kiran, Sriram and Ragavendra are the fresh faces chosen to act in the next season of Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal.


This recognition of Kana Kaanum Kaalangal (KKK) had led to the launch of many seasons of KKK. Following the success, in 2011 Kana Kanum Kalangal Kalluriyin Kadhai (K5) was launched and the serial is airing on Vijay TV, Monday to Friday at 2230 hrs. K5 is all about the nostalgic moments of college life. The serial is directed by Praveen Bennett. The star cast includes Sindhu, Elezebeth, Thiru, Karthik, Saipramoditha, Vishnu, Shivaji, Chatriyan, Bala, Alagappan, Harini, Vidhya, Ganesh, Divya, Sathi, Ramesh and many others.

K5 provides an exciting opportunity for those interested in acting. A show titled ‘Mega Mart Puthiya Mugam Kana Kanum Kalangal Thedal powered by Hero Glamour’ will be held at Coimbatore on 09th September providing an opportunity for the young talents to act in K5 serial. Those interested in acting can walk in for the on the spot registration on Sunday, 09 September between 7 am and 9 am at KSG College of Arts and Science, Kamaraj Road, Varatharajapuram, Singanallur, Coimbatore – 641 015. Age limit for participation is 18 – 25 years. Popular stars from television and film industry would be the jury members of this audition.

If you are good enough, you will be chosen as one of the stars of 'K5’ serial. With new aspirations, new dreams, new hopes take part in ‘Mega Mart Puthiya Mugam Kana Kanum Kalangal Thedal powered by Hero Glamour’ on 09 September at Coimbatore. 


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