Vikram's Six-Pack in Thaandavam [Picture]

Vikram's Six-Pack in Thaandavam [Picture]
The filmmakers of Thaandavam have been keeping it a closely-guarded secret till now and with the film’s release today the secret has been revealed. Yes, Vikram will be seen sporting a six-pack for the first time in his career.
Vikram’s six-pack will be evident during a fight sequence in Thaandavam and it will be one of the highlights of the film.

There is a surprise for all those fans of Vikram, who will visit theatres to watch his movie Thaandavam today. Well, the actor, for the first time, has sported six-pack abs.

The latest paper ads given on today's newspapers shows Vikram sporting his six-pack abs. In the poster, the shirtless actor is seen holding a gun and a briefcase in his hands each and with blood spilling over his body.

It has been kept a secret till now because the filmmakers wanted to create a surprise factor for the audiences and especially for all Vikram fans out there. Now you have one more reason to make it to the theatres to watch your favorite star in action! When contacted Dhananjayan, UTV South Chief, he said, "Vikram, for the first time, has displayed his chiseled six-pack abs, which was not revealed till now. He go shirtless in a fight sequence, which will be one of the highlights in the film."
Vikram's Six-Pack in Thaandavam [Picture]


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