Vishal and Anjali at a remote village in China

Says the director, “The village where we will be shooting in China is one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever come across.

I’m told that this village is extremely remote, and is not even found in the maps of China. It’s by sheer coincidence that we found this location.”

He continues, “We were supposed to leave in May to can the song, but our co-ordinator told us that October will be the perfect month to shoot there. That’s when all the flowers bloom, and the entire place looks extremely colourful. I can’t wait to check out the place myself.”

Meanwhile, Sundar tells us that the film’s almost complete, barring some patchwork.

He adds, “We have been shooting on the roads in Hyderabad as it’s easy to get permission there. We even shot with Arya the day before there. He makes a cameo appearance in the film, and his sequence will feature at an unexpected junction in the film. It’s a very interesting character, and I’m glad Arya could act in it.”


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