Ajith risks again for a fight sequence, in Vishnuvardhan film!

Ajith is known for his daredevil stunts. Who could possibly forget the frightening helicopter sequence in Billa 2? Now we hear that he has shot for another ‘hanging sequence’ for the untitled Vishnuvardhan project. But not from a chopper this time.
Ajith risks again for a fight sequence, in Vishnuvardhan film!

Actor Ajith Kumar has been busy working with Director Vishnuvardhan for his next film. After Billa, he has been keen on becoming fitter for his next projects, and recently shot a gruelling scene with the crew and spent 12 hours straight on location.

The film is said to feature the likes of Nayanthara, Arya and Taapsee Pannu along with Ajith the shooting schedule is well underway. On the event of shooting a scene, Ajith stayed the entire night with the team shooting the sequence which involved him being suspended upside down. Instead of opting for a double, Ajith decided to go ahead and do the job himself through the night while taking little breaks.

Ajith has been known to co-operate with the Director despite all odds on previous occasions and give his 100 percent to the film. He has also had several surgeries on his back. Given his hard work, the scene is sure to look great on the big screen when the film comes out.


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