Amala Paul's first crush & future plans [Interview]

Amala Paul is turning 21, and this youngster is just getting more popular. With no godfathers or sugar daddies, Amala made a rather cold entry into Tamil with the forgettable Sindhu Samaveli.
But then she made her mark with Mynaa. A string of big budget films followed, like Vettai and Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal.

On her birthday, we find out what makes Amala tick.

Who do you look on as your competition today?

It’s a typical and conservative thought. I don’t want to become a part of that. I believe I will get whatever is there in my destiny if I keep working hard.

What surprises do you have for us this year?

Surprises are meant to be surprises!

The moment I disclose them, the surprise factor goes off. So wait and watch!

Since you like to experiment, would you ever try out an action film or a character that is totally dark?

Oh yes! For sure. I am just waiting for the right script to come my way and the right time.

Is there any recent film that made you go “I wish I’d done that”?

Yes, Barfi!. It was touching. I wish I had got to be at least a part of that.

Who are your idols in the industry?

I have many. It wouldn’t be right if I take only a few names.

Is there any director you’re dying to work with?

That question once again puts me in dilemma. I don’t want to answer that and put myself in jeopardy.

I would rather say the late Yah Chopraji.

Who has been your craziest fan?

I have come across many a fan, but there was this guy who even travelled to the US to meet me, and then came back to India.

And the surprising fact is that he only spoke to me once!

What do you do for fun?

I hang out with my old school and college friends. I am also a scuba addict.

I love adventure, watching movies and, yeah, I love to eat!

Is there anything you dislike about your appearance?

There are many things that I dislike, but those will remain with me!

Do you follow a diet plan?

No, not always. But if a movie demands it, I am ready to do it. I’ve done so before, too,

But I also make it a point to work out four days a week.

Are you religious?

In fact, I believe in all religions. I believe in God.

What’s your most expensive splurge?

[Laughs] That will again remain with me!

Do you ever feel depressed?

Yes, I do, as any other normal human being. But I have my own ways of cheering myself up.

When was the last time you laughed heartily?

I watched the old Malayalam movie Pattanapravesham a few hours back and laughed my heart out!

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship to me is a lifelong relation. All others are acquaintances.

Your first crush?

My brother had a friend when I was in school, But I don’t know if you can call it a crush.

Your dream holiday destination?

Wherever. Any place that I have not been, with my friends and family.


Hello! I am just 21! Not my cup of tea.

One thing you are scared of?

Meeting people who show unbelievable attitude. I hate fake people.

What turns you on?

Good looks, good mannerisms and above all the quality of being a good human being.

What puts you off?



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