Analysis of Ajith's character in English Vinglish [Video]

Ajith is a perfect gentleman, Tamilian and Indian in English Vinglish
There was much talk and anticipation on Ajith's cameo in English Vinglish and the actor did not let down his fans.

In fact his performance goes beyond pleasing just his fan base and gives our entire nation a shot in the arm with his quips at the New York immigration officer.

Aangilam Vaangilam (English Vinglish) Movie Review

In his brief appearance on screen, Ajith looks his cool and charming best. His character is beautifully reassuring as he boosts the morale of a first-time flyer, Sridevi. His message of shaking off one's inhibitions on the plane and in a foreign country is truly remarkable and should resonate with people who find themselves in similar situations. He also makes a tongue-in-cheek remark about how his own Tamil speaking skills have come a long way from his early days.

In one scene Ajith says to Sridevi: We should not get scared seeing the English People.Time has come such that they are scared seeing us.

Ajith to Visa Officer: I am going to spend some dollars to help the US getting recovered from economy crisis.

Director Gauri Shinde has also managed to show a very uncharacteristically playful and witty Ajith that will delight not just his fans but will also evoke a smile and applause from regular movie-goers.


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