Anushka hurt by Karthi's act on her make-up man

Anushka Shetty, who is fondly called as Sweety by her family members and friends, seems to be unwilling to end her make-up artist issue soon.

Earlier, we have read about the controversy over her make-up artist not being a member of Make Up Artist Union. Now, it has got a twist, as the actress has reportedly done her make-up on her own.

According to reports, Anushka Shetty had earlier stood up for her make-up artist when he was chided by Tamil Film Workers Union. During the shooting of Karthi’s Alex Pandian, about 30 members protested against the actress for hiring a make-up artist from other state and demanded the actress’ artist to register her name in their guild.

However, Karthi intervened to resolve the issue and had asked Anushka’s make-up artist to leave the sets. But the actress, who was hurt by the incident, is now managing on the make-up part on her own and has not hired anyone for the job.


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