Bharath in Six Pack Exclusive pic

Bharath Six Pack Exlusive pic
Bharath's six pack photo is making waves now. Bharath's six pack look for '555' is spreading quickly in the social media. Below is the photo of Bharath's six pack still.

Kollyinsider already reported that Bharath is geting six-pack for 555. With the six pack getting more and more elevated in K Town, to say Vikram the latest for Thaandavam, Bharath is back with a bod. The actor too has joined the league of actors sporting a new six pack ab. He has been off the screen for while post Vaanam with Simbhu.
Bharath Six Pack Exlusive pic
Recently the actor stated that he has been working out for more than three months to achieve this. He is on a strict protein diet and works out for 6 hours a day.
6 pack/8pack bharath
Bharath in Six Pack Exlusive pic


  1. Your the real hero

  2. A Lot of Hard work...But,6 Hours a day is just pure bullshit..


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