Bharath in Six-Pack, not easy though!

Bharath in Six-Pack
If you are following kollyinsider closely, you might consider this as a old news. Yes we published months ago that Bharath is geting six-pack for 555.
With the six pack getting more and more elevated in K Town, to say Vikram the latest for Thaandavam, Bharath is back with a bod. The actor too has joined the league of actors sporting a new six pack ab. He has been off the screen for while post Vaanam with Simbhu. Recently the actor stated that he has been working out for more than three months to achieve this. He is on a strict protein diet and works out for 6 hours a day.

He thoroughly underwent a complete change in his day to day routine. He also added that rather than on the dream to maintain the steroids, he has chosen to be the healthier way. His personal trainer Shiva, a former Mr India Bronze medalist has been really doing a good job. Bharath is proud to say that he blindly believes his trainer, unlike people who often believe that only trainers from Mumbai are good. But all this he has to flaunt a bit for his upcoming project 555, in which he plays the role of a software professional. Even the actor is hardly seen to party these days!!


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