Chinmayi did right, Kushboo supports!

Kushboo in support for Chinmayi
A song Oru Deivam Thanda Poove from the movie Kannathil Muthamittaal has gave the fame for Singer chinmayi. Recently she is in to the problem of the sex comments on Twitter that spreads very bad news about chinmayi and her mother.

Reportedly, the men had relentlessly attacked the A-list singer, who is also an entrepreneur and voice artist, using racial, sexist and vulgar comments on her, and threatened her with rape and violence. The issue spilled over to Facebook and elsewhere on the web, where (mostly) men passed judgments on her.

From what Chinmayi wrote in her blog “Facing abuse and a backlash of rumours” it appears to be a rather long abusive pursuit by some men starting January last year. Reading her version of the story is quite distressing – that a young professional woman with public standing like her could be a target of such vicious attacks and threats.

Boldly she came out to give complaint and now the people who were in to such thinks been punished. Regarding this Rajan and Saravanan were arrested. She advised to all women who are all to face such situations to come out and fight against such activities.

And to support chinmayi, Kushbu also said that what chinmayi had done is the correct thing and a nice lesson to the culprits.


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