Karthi for a cause, acts for Dengue awareness

Karthi to create Dengue awareness
Trust Karthi to think out of the box. Actors have always been known to promote social causes and give their time to various charitable events.

Suriya is one such actor who has done several short films issues like traffic, wearing of helmets etc. Now Karthi is following suit with a short film about a health issue that's plaguing the city. Karthi is now all set to do a short film on how to avoid the spread of 'Dengue'.

State health department will be making this short film. Remember Suriya has earlier acted in many such awareness sort films such as helmet.

As KollyInsider earlier reported, Suriya and Karthi along with Sivakumar have recently given charities to poor students on behalf of Sri Sivakumar Educational and Charitable Trust.

Hope everyone takes Karthi and Suriya as their role models and helps the people in need…


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