Kollywood searching for heroines!

Kollywood is facing a heroine shortage, as big heroines have become pricey or migrated to Bollywood. Many films are struck due to lack of heroines.

All top directors and their agents are scouting for saleable heroines to be paired opposite popular stars.

Director Vijay has flown to Mumbai in search of a Bollywood girl to play heroine for his forthcoming Vijay film for which shooting is to start in November.

Venkat Prabhu is on a state wide search to find a Tamil speaking heroine to have Biriyani with Karthi. Sargunan has to fix a heroine to be cast opposite Dhanush for his Sotta Valakutty at the earliest.

The trouble with big ticket heroines like Anushka, Nayanthara, Trisha, Hansika,Shruthi Haasan, Amala Paul and Anjali are that they are demanding Rs 70 lakhs to Rs 1.25 Crore. They are not willing to sit across a table and negotiate.

Says a peeved producer whose project has got delayed due to heroine shortage: "Earlier the heroine was fixed at the last stage of pre-production and most of them after some haggling were willing to settle for a reasonable amount if they were paired with a big hero. Now they are demanding unheard of amount if it is a big hero and are not willing to negotiate their terms."

A director who made one of the most successful films of the year lamented: "Today only money talks. Recently I met up with a top heroine to sign her up with one of the hottest hero's in the industry. The first thing she asked me before even I narrated the script to her was her salary amount. This put me off and now I'm in search for a new heroine."

Meanwhile original Mumbai imports like Tamannaah, Ileana and Kajal Aggarwal are not even taking up phone calls from Tamil directors , heroes or their managers as they have become hot in Bollywood. Like Asin these one-time favourites are unlikely to do any more Tamil films.

This has led to a situation where a rank newcomers like Lakshmi Menon of Sundarapandian fame who got Rs 3 lakhs for her first film is now demanding and getting Rs 30 lakhs!


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