Maattrraan ban continues in Karnataka, 'Brothers' running!

Surya's Maattrraan is the latest movie to be boycotted by exhibitors in Karnataka over ongoing Cauvery dispute. But surprisingly the dubbed Telugu version titled Brothers was allowed for the state-wide release.
Maattrraan ban continues in Karnataka, 'Brothers' running!

The non-release of Maattrraan disappointed the Tamil cine-goers in general and Surya's fans in specific in Bangalore. While the Tamilians residing in the border regions choose Hosur to watch the film, other hard-core Surya's prefer the Telugu version. However, the majority decided to to wait for the release of Tamil version.

We spotted a few Tamil movie buffs in malls and asked whether they were unhappy for missing out the action and the answer was obvious. Harendra Babu, who claims that he is a big fan of Surya and KV Anand, said, "I'm a Teluguite but I prefer watching Tamil version. It is because I enjoy the originality in films and I don't like dubbed movies. I'm waiting for the Tamil movie to release."

Samraj, a cine-goer who works in an online portal, claims that he wanted to watch Maattrraan on the release day at any cost but he changed his plans after he heard mixed reviews. "Along with my friends, I had planned to cross the border and watch the film in Hosur but when I got mixed reviews, I decided not to travel. Moreover, even if it is released after two or four weeks, I prefer watching it in my living room instead of going cinema halls. The initial craze is gone."

One of our readers named Srikanthan, sent an e-mail to us saying that the unfortunate incident has frustrated the Tamil film goers. His e-mail read, "I am from Tamil Nadu and and I am pursuing my MBA in Bangalore. This is the first time in this state, I'm experiencing this situation. It was frustrating to miss out my favourite star's film. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed and movie goers like us will get to watch the Tamil films."

However, a student named Sathish has something different to say. He claims,"I'm neither supporting the ban nor protesting it. But I was not happu with the double standards of exhibitors. How could they avoid screening of Maattrraan and allow Brothers, the dubbed version? The Telugu version has the same cast and crew and in that case, they could have not allowed the Kollywood version too. Isn't? " he questions.

The Cauvery dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is affecting a lot to Tamil films in Karnataka. As there is a huge protest and tense situation in Karnataka over the centre's directive to release 9,000 cusecs of Cauvery water daily for Tamil Nadu, exhibitors are not coming forward to release Kollywood movies fearing that it could fuel fire to the ongoing dispute.


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