Maattrraan producer files case against piracy

Maattrraan producer files case against piracy
AGS Entertainment is going all out to protect their Suriya starrer Maattrraan against piracy. They have sought relief against acts of piracy committed on the internet and vide sales of DVDs and CDs by filing a “John Doe” suit, against various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and unknown persons in the Madras High Court.

The Madras High Cour passed orders directing various Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to block access to websites which would illegally broadcast Maattrraan within 24 hours upon receipt of information of such websites from producers AGS.

Hon’ble Justice Chandru in passing this path-breaking order, which is the first under the Copyright Amendment Act 2012, observed that the purpose of the Copyright Amendment Act was to enlarge and protect the rights of copyright holders including producers of films. The Order in its scope is very clear stating that only those websites which broadcast the film illegally are to be blocked, upon AGS verifying and informing ISPs of the same.

Senior lawyer AA Mohan of Mohan Associates who took up the matter for AGS said : “This suit is a ground breaking one, exemplifying the purpose of the Copyright Amendment Act. The statutory relief to film producers is definitely a big boost in the fight against piracy by the film industry and I hope this along with technical measures can work to curb the menace of online piracy. This order also provides much required clarity in the spate of John Doe orders across India and streamlines the rights of producers and other copyright holders”.


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