'Naan Ee' not a copy of 'Cockroach', says SS Rajamouli

'Naan Ee' not a copy of 'Cockroach', says SS Rajamouli
Referring to the criticisms by some of the bloggers that his latest super hit Eega was inspired by an Australian short film Cockroach, S.S. Rajamouli said during the promo of Makkhi (Hindi version of Eega) that Eega is original.
Eega is a unique script but he doesn't have any substantial evidence to prove it, he said.

"I was going through several animations films made on animals while making Eega and I came across a film 'fluke', which is about reincarnated dog taking revenge. So no one compares Cockroach and Fluke but it's unfortunate that people draw parallels between Eega and Cockroach," he said.

I feel bad when people make such accusations but I can clearly say that it's purely a coincidence and Eega is an original piece", Rajamouli added.


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