Shiva - Harry Potter in 'Sonna Puriyathu'

sonna puriyathu harry potter
Guys, don't panic, Harry Potter is not going to be made in Tamil! This poster has the witty Shiva of Thamizh Padam fame, sporting the Harry Potter outfit.

Thamizh Padam fame Mirchy Shiva posters for his next film Sonna Puriyathu has been revealed already.

The Sonna Puriyathu movie poster signifies the movie to be a remake of Harry potter as it has a tag line of The Wizard Back, but this is one of the movie posters with shiva sporting in a Harry Potter outfit., including the round glasses, holding a magic wand in hand with a Harry potter background.

This is one of the posters of Krishnan Jayaraj’s Sonna Puriyadhu. The film stars Shiva as man who fears marriage and Vasundhara Kashyap as the bride.


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