Sonna Puriyadhu Trailer guarantees fun & entertainment ! [Video]

Sonna Puriyadhu Trailer guarantees fun & entertainment ! [Video]
Sonna Puriyadhu is the upcoming movie of VJ turn actor Siva and the makers have recently released the firstlook trailer of the movie, which is hilarious and highly entertaining the viewers.

Vasundhara Kashyap is playing the lady of Shiva in Sonna Puriyadhu and the story revolves around the youngster Siva, who is not interested in marriage while his friends encourage him to get into relationship soon.

Debutant Krishna Jayaraj is directing Sonna Puriyaadhu under the production house 360 Degrees Corporation. Sonna Puriyaadhu is touted to be a comedy caper laced with romance with the music scores of Yatish.

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Sonna Puriyadhu is directed by Krishnan Jayaraj who was assisting CS Amudhan in the maiden Tamil spoof film Thamizh Padam

Casting : Mirchi Siva, Vasundara Kashyap, Manobala, Blade Shankar, Mira Krishnan, Singa Muthu, RS Sivaji, Halwa Vasu, Aarthi, Aatheesh, Pradeep, Kadhal Saravanan.

Synopsis : Siva ignores marriages, he fears marriage, he has a perception that marriage is wrong and thinks marriage takes away the independence and peace of men thus he tries to avoid his marriage, but situation goes such that he has to marry but he escapes from marriage every time does he marry or not forms the witty comical climax..

"This a film can be watched with family, from start till the end there are moments to make you laugh I guarantee" says Krishnan who has directed many advertorials

Shiva comes as a dubbing artist for languages and film, why he avoids and runs away from marriage will not be understood by others even if it is said (Sonna Puriyathu) forms the one-liner.

Cinematography -- Saravanan (Nirav Shah's asst.) | Music -- Yatheesh Mahadev | Editing -- TS Suresh | Art -- Attakathi fame Ramalingam | Choreography -- Ajayraj | Lyrics -- Na. Muthukumar, Madhan Karky

Sonna Puriyadhu was filmed in Chennai, Gopichettipalayam and Thailand while re-recording is currently going on, film will hit the screens by December

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