Suriya's extraordinary job for Maattrraan!

Suriya's extraordinary job for Maattrraan!
'Maattraan' has gone through its opening weekend and is continuing to get mixed reviews from audiences across the world, with viewers enjoying different parts of the movie while complaining about a few others.
However, if there is one thing most of them seem to agree upon, it's that Suriya has done a great job in the movie playing the role of both conjoined twins.

Even as Tamil cinema is slowly moving towards non-commercialism, Suriya has been striving to do more realistic roles in recent times and his effort in KV Anand's 'Maattrraan' is sure to get a lot of faces turning. Playing the twin roles of Vimal and Akilan, whose bodies are joined together with one another, our man has done an extraordinary job in portraying both characters in different fashions.

Vimal, the subtle and decent youngster, like poetry, verses of Bharathiyar is shown as being an introvert and not very straightforward as things. Suriya's body language for Vimal signifies his shyness to approach Kajal Aggarwal and innocence in the theater scene when he tries to kiss her. His more serious outlook on what's right and care to detail for social issues is also shown in scenes throughout the first half by Suriya.

On the other hand, Akilan is an extrovert and is sure to be loved by girls everywhere. His confidence in speech, naughty gestures and almost-playboy like attitude is totally different to that of his twin brother. Being a bit macho, Suriya exhibits more preference for picking up fights with Akilan and a blabbermouth like style that favors him for more of the comical sequences.

Right from costumes and dialogues to gestures, the actor shows class in differentiating each twin, and pays attention to detail in every shot. And with little help from the SFX team, things come out great on the big screen. Even when Suriya has to play very different roles in scenes back to back, his performance carries the weight and makes both characters very enjoyable. The 'Theeye Theeye' song involving both twins is a good example of the director's earnest attempt to signify their characters. Lines change alternatively along with the moves and actions of the twins and obviously look great on screen.
Suriya sure deserves a pat on his back for his hard work and effort in 'Maattraan'.


  1. surya done marvelous maattrraan surya become an suurryyaa
    i like very much.....................

  2. surya......... you have done a great job.................its really amazing to watch your performance as conjoined is really very very superb.....,,!!!!!!!!!!!


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