Temple devotees mobbed Shakila and Sujibala

Glam queen Shakila and Suji Bala were at a temple in Melmalaiyanoor where they had been to worship the Goddess there. On seeing both the actresses, a huge crowd thronged them both literally mobbing them.

Shakila and Sujibala had been to the Angalamman Temple at Melmalaiyanur which is courted by thousands of devotees during this time of the year.  After the duo emerged from the temple after ‘darshan’ of the Goddess, the devotees (mostly males, of course!) and fans of them spotted their arrival at the temple and went berserk.

It was like the devotees  had forgotten that they’ve  been to the temple for darshan of Goddess Amman and not  from the bombshell actresses, Shakila, the queen of South Indian Adult industry,who has been starring mainly in comic roles in films of late, and Sujibala (who recently called off her marriage with director Ravikumar).

The buzz says that Shakeela and Suji Bala were in the temple last evening to get the darshan of the goddess but as they got inside the temple, they garnered unwanted attention from public.

Report also add that one of the two actresses fell when people surrounded them and the temple authorities were helpless to control the madness of the crazy fans.

Later, police came to the spot to clear the mob and gave protection to the two actresses that helped them to move on with their plans. Both Shakeela and Suji Bala had the special darshan and prayed to the god. They spent three hours in Angala Parameswari Temple.


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