Why 10 mins trimmed in Maattrraan, KV Anand explains

why 10 mins trimmed in Maattrraan, KV Anand explains
Maatran is the recently released film which has Surya in the role of conjoined twins. This film was directed by K V Anand. There were lots of criticisms because the climax sequences were lengthy. Because of this some of the scenes were trimmed.

K V Anand while speaking about this said, “ After completing Maatran there were lots of works like mixing and DTS before releasing it. I saw the first copy only before the first day of its release.

After the release of the film, there were lots of complaints that the second half was lengthy. So I deleted the sequences which featured the person who acted as father of Surya running in Gujarat and also some foreign scenes. On the whole I have trimmed the film by 10 minutes.

There are lots of things in this film such as conjoined twins, adulterated food and human beings DNA.

We have also kept the sequences about the athletes who were penalised for taking steroids before participating in the sports. We did not attack any particular country. The country mentioned in that film does not exist. Maatran has got good reception. This film has attracted all people including children and women. This film is running successfully. I have not decided about my next story. Only after readying the script I will approach the actors.”


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