Indian TV Channels growing big in Youtube

Indian TV Channels growing big in Youtube

Indian television channels have been performing well on the YouTube in the recent times and a research has been conducted to bring out the top five channels that have the most number of visitors.

The research has been conducted with the help of Unmetric, a social media monitoring product that scrutinizes the performance of various brands on the social media. Five channels – T-Series, Sony Entertainment, Zee TV, Sony Music India and NDTV – have been taken for consideration based on their YouTube views during the month of October.

The video views growth showed that the T-series Official Channel has been increasing its viewership-base over the past few months. Sony Music India is yet another channel that is one among the fastest growing channel. For the month of October, Sony Music had 239,000 average views while T-Series had 99,000 views.

In the video uploads category, Sony Music India has uploaded the least number of videos. This clearly indicates that the quality and variety of content plays the role.

Sony Music received a good response from viewers with 85 percent 'Likes' from the viewers.

In conclusion, the report holds that T-Series is the leader in this space considering the viewership but Sony Music has done a good job in all other aspects.

Indian TV Channels Performance Report Comparison

A performance review of the top 5 Indian Television channels on YouTube categorized in terms of number of views for the month of October, 2012.

Video consumption in India has been spreading even though with limited infrastructure. In the month of August, online measurement company comScore came out with a data that India is the third largest online market with 55 million viewers. Additionally, I have seen another trend – today brands make sure that along with a presence on major networks such as Facebook and Twitter, they are making their presence felt on YouTube and getting creative too.

The idiot box has not been left behind; it has also realized that there is a section that loves to consume content online. So for quite some time, major television networks have created their presence on YouTube and have become huge with time. For example, last month T-Series Official Channel, one of the most active YouTube Channels in Asia, added more than 49M new views and added 48K new subscribers.

So, we thought of digging in to find out how the television channels are performing on YouTube with the help of Unmetric. Unmetric, is a social media monitoring product to monitor performance of brands on social media. I have considered the top 5 channels (T-Series, Sony Entertainment, Zee TV, Sony Music India and NDTV) based on their YouTube views for this month (October 1st to October 30th, 2012) and the study is shared below:

1. Video views growth

Television Channels Youtube Video Views
The above screen grab clearly indicates how the T-Series Official Channel has been growing over the months and it has been the same story this month with 49M new views. At the same time, Sony Music India Channel, with more than 18M new views is one of the fastest growing channels.

Sony Music India Channel has also got the most average views per video. This month, it had 239K average views followed by T-Series which grabbed 99K views.
Indian Television Youtube Average Views
Sony Music India uploaded 47 new videos. However, the top video for the channel is also the channels all time most viewed video – “Why This Kolaveri Di”. No surprises that the video which was awarded the “Most Popular Gold Video” from YouTube has shown no downward growth from the time it was first uploaded and remains the channels all time most viewed video. The video till day has got 63M views and this month it grabbed more than 1M views. This was followed by the latest popular video among the youth (supposedly) – “Ishq Wala Love” that managed to grab 1M new views having being uploaded only a month ago.

2. Video uploads

Video uploads may not directly relate to the popularity of a channel but it shows the intent of the channel to accept the medium with both hands. This could also mean that the channel has woken up to the growing phenomena that people now prefer to consume video from various devices apart from TV.

Zee TV has uploaded the most number of videos by uploading more than 28K videos followed by NDTV (20K) and Sony Entertainment Television (15K). However, Sony Music India one of the fastest growing channel has uploaded the least number of videos. This  clearly shows that the quality and variety of content plays the role.
Television Channels Comparison_ Youtube Uploads
Sony Entertainment Television not only has the latest music but also hosts exclusive interviews, curated playlist for fans, etc. And when you compare it with Zee TV, the content is a repeat from TV. So, if you have not watched the TV shows, you have an option to watch it here which you anyways can on the TV again. Online video consumption will only grow when you provide something extra other than the same videos from the TV. Zee TV will have to rethink on its YouTube strategy.

3. Response from viewers

Unmetric takes into account the “Likes and Dislikes” when it shows the response from the viewers for particular channels on YouTube. Sony Music India Channel received the most number of Likes from viewers in the last month i.e. more than 85%.
Comparison_Likes_Dislikes Of Television Channels
One of the reasons being four of the songs of the latest Bollywood movie ‘Student of the Year’ gathered more than 1M views and all had more than 1K likes in the period of a month from their upload. NDTV in this period had more “Dislikes” and the channel faces the same problem that ZEE TV has at the moment. Both of them are treating YouTube as a repository of TV.

Ending thoughts

Pundits have been eager to be quoted saying that Social TV is the next big thing but I have said it before that India has a long way to go but if TV has to go social then it will happen by adopting online video consumption as a reality. The good part is that all the major television channels have not only created a presence but have had an amazing viewership too.

However, as pointed before, channels like T-Series and Sony Music are doing really good in comparison to others since they are providing online viewers something different from the regular TV content. This is a one of the motivation for fans to watch these channels. Right now, T-Series is the leader in this space considering the viewership but Sony Music India channel is doing a better job overall.  

How much time do you spend on online video consumption and what motivates you to see them, unlike me who has stopped watching the idiot box a year ago.


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