Japan TV selects Namitha as The Indian beauty!

‘Tokyo TV’ of Japan has made a list of the most beautiful women across the world. From India, the chosen one is our Namitha, the Kollywood bombshell.
Japan TV selects Namitha as The Indian beauty!

The Japan based 'Tokyo TV' has made a list of the most beautiful women from each country based on their looks in photographs and also based on their behavioral traits.

Believe it or not, the tall and ‘powerfully-built’ Namitha has been chosen as the ‘classic Indian beauty by a programme to be aired on a popular Japanese television channel.  It’s not that Namitha isn’t a pretty actress; but to be chosen as an example of a ‘classic Indian beauty’, isnt one ought to possess chiseled features ..

A formal letter in this regard has been released to the press by Japan Footage Inc., Tokyo wherein it has acknowledged a portrait of Namitha clad in black robes and shot by Karthick Srinivasan to be used for the proposed “Yari-sugi Ko-ji Urban Legends Special” programme to be broadcasted by Tokya Television tomorrow i.e. on the 2nd November.

Surprisingly enough, the picture has been chosen to showcase and demonstrate to the viewers as to what is a typical ‘Indian Beauty’.  Queries later revealed that the above-said TV show deals with interesting facts and information in countries across the globe.  This particular episode would give an insight into what is considered as ‘beauty’ in various countries and former ‘Miss Surat’ Namitha has been chosen as a classic ‘Indian beauty’.

The organizers appear to have been so impressed by Namitha’s ‘beauty’ in the photograph that they are using it to depict to the world as to how an Indian beauty looks!


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