Jayam Ravi to fight with ​Hollywood's WWE Nathan Jones

​Hollywood baddie NATHAN JONES!  for Jayam Ravi
Looks like Jeyam Ravi has a penchant for fighting Hollywood villains! In Peraanmai, he was made to take on a Hollywood hunk in jungle fight.
Now in his next film Boologam, its yet another Hollywood hunk for him.

The film is about a boxer and Jeyam Ravi will be seen packing a punch against Nathan Jones, of Troy fame in the flick.

Trisha is the heroine. Ravi has been learning the nuances of boxing for a few months now for this role.

A giant and expensive set for the boxing sequence is being set up by producer Aascar Ravichandran for the film to shoot the climax portions at the Binny Mills.

Apparenlty, the boxing set is being made in accordance with the a professional boxing organizations specifications to add a genuine touch to the film.


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