Kalla Thuppakki `A` certificate with 35 cuts from Censors!

The controversial KC Ravithevan produced and Logas directed Kallathuppakki has been cleared by the censors with 35 cuts and an 'A' certificate.

Kalla Thuppakki is now all set to clash with Thuppakki on November 9 for Diwali. The Kalla Thuppakki team seems to be in high spirits as the film has got through the censors. At a media meet, the entire team met the press and revealed details of the film following which an audio launch was held.

According to producer KC Ravithevan former AD to Kamal Hassan during Virumandi: “The censors asked for 35 cuts which we agreed without resorting to a revising committee. The cuts have not in any way affected the flow of our story.”

The trailer and two songs were shown which included a fast peppy number called 'Vaa Vaa Thozha' sung by the five young heroes in the film. Apart from this was a violent montage song full of chases and merciless murders, which seemed to reflect the general mood of the film.

The film, directed by Logiyas is the story of mercenary killings by a group of youngsters who indulge in it as a side business to generate extra income for themselves, otherwise supporting themselves by other professions in the day.

The camerawork is by Vasanth, a newbie while the music is by SK Balachandran. The violent film has the tag line 'Injurious to Youth' and the makers feel this itself reveals the message in the film. Sravanthika, a Kerala beauty is the heroine while character actor Sampath Raj plays her father along with five new boys.


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