Manivannan: Nagaraja Cholan MA. MLA. is a Political Comedy

Manivannan: Nagaraja Cholan MA. MLA. is a Political Comedy
Amaidhi Padai is a film which had Sathyaraj in the lead role. This film which was a spoof on politics was directed by Manivannan.

This film was a great success in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu. The satirical dialogues of this film attracted everyone very much.

At this juncture, Manivannan is remaking the film Amaidhi Padai with the title Nagaraja Chozhan M A. M L A.

It was mentioned that this film will speak about the successor politics and also tease the political leaders. Manivannan has blatantly denied this.

Manivannan while speaking about this film said, “ My earlier film Amaidhi Padai had a character called Allagai Amavasai. This character transforms into Nagaraja Chozhan M A, M L A.

The film will speak about his crookedness and his comedy politics. We can compare Nagaraja Chozhan with the current day politicians but we have not made fun of any particular politician.

This film is based on every politician. There will be a son’s role in Amaidhi Padai but this role will not be in this film. Instead of him, there will be a lorry driver.This driver will transform this corrupt and crooked politician. We can say that this film is a political satirical film.”


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