Manorama back! In Suriya's Singam 2, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie...

Manorama is back!
She recently faced the camera after a break of almost two years for the sequel to Singam, and Manorama Aachi says it was like homecoming for her.
The veteran actress has not been in the best of health in recent times. Today, she’s only working on two films in Kollywood, but the actress has signed on a big project in Hindi as well.

“I’ve got Singam 2 and Peraandi in Tamil, and Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express in Hindi,” she says, ” Peraandi was launched a while ago, and I’ve already started shooting for Hari’s film.”

Talking about facing the camera after a long break, Manorama says, “Hari thambi approached me a couple of months back and asked me if I can be part of Singam’s sequel. My character is a continuation of what I played in Singam, and I was more than happy to say yes. I shot for two days in my house in T Nagar with Anushka. Hari was very considerate about my comfort while shooting, and so was Anushka. It felt good to work with them.”

Though the actress is unsure how the role in SRK’s Chennai Express came her way, she says, “I was told that a director ( Rohit Shetty) is making a film out of 2 States, and wanted me to play Deepika Padukone’s aunt. I think my dialogues will mostly be in Tamil. I’m yet to be informed about the shooting schedule.”


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